Angela Archer Photography: Blog en-us (C) Angela Archer Photography (Angela Archer Photography) Wed, 03 Jan 2018 17:04:00 GMT Wed, 03 Jan 2018 17:04:00 GMT Angela Archer Photography: Blog 60 120 Tickle Fights! Welcome to sweet Owen's post -  I had so much fun with Owen and his parents this past fall.  He is all things boy, daring, inquisitive, silly, full of life and has so many expressions!  We looked for fish in the creek, had a tickle fight with dad, laughed and played, talked about all sorts of animals, and of course, enjoyed a few treats along the way ;)  Owen has this innocence in his eyes and curiosity in his mind - there is something so special about each stage a child is at, it is an honor to document and photograph all these little things and each child's personality in that very moment.  Thank you for sharing your memories with me Paggen Family!  Enjoy a few of my favorite photographs from Owen's session, of course, we ended the session with another tickle fight...his expression is priceless!  

Eagle Lake Children's photos_0003Eagle Lake Children's photos_0003 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0001Eagle Lake Children's photos_0001 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0004Eagle Lake Children's photos_0004 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0005Eagle Lake Children's photos_0005 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0006Eagle Lake Children's photos_0006 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0008Eagle Lake Children's photos_0008 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0009Eagle Lake Children's photos_0009 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0010Eagle Lake Children's photos_0010 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0011Eagle Lake Children's photos_0011 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0012Eagle Lake Children's photos_0012 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0013Eagle Lake Children's photos_0013 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0014Eagle Lake Children's photos_0014 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0015Eagle Lake Children's photos_0015 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0016Eagle Lake Children's photos_0016 Eagle Lake Children's photos_0017Eagle Lake Children's photos_0017

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Generations of Love, Glencoe MN Family Session One of my favorite sessions from this past year has to be the Dammann Family.  We had been planning this family session for quite awhile.  Their outfit colors were all organized, our location was set, and a backup up plan was in place just in case the weather wasn’t the best, as two of the families were traveling from a distance away.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon, the autumn colors were just starting to turn and sun was in the perfect setting!  I had such a fun time with these guys, Grandma had a certain sparkle in her eyes, oh the stories I’m sure she could tell!  I did ask her who was the biggest trouble maker of her three kids growing up, of course their were a few different answers depending on who answered... but her smile and sweet laugh could light up any room.  The love, connection, and warmth in their relationships within this family were hard to miss.  They could joke with each other, laugh together, and go along with anything I asked of them.  Thank you Dammann Family for the joyful session and sharing your memories with me!  

Glencoe MN Family photos_0001Glencoe MN Family photos_0001 Glencoe MN Family photos_0005Glencoe MN Family photos_0005 Glencoe MN Family photos_0004Glencoe MN Family photos_0004 Glencoe MN Family photos_0003Glencoe MN Family photos_0003 Glencoe MN Family photos_0006Glencoe MN Family photos_0006 Glencoe MN Family photos_0007Glencoe MN Family photos_0007 Glencoe MN Family photos_0009Glencoe MN Family photos_0009 Glencoe MN Family photos_0010Glencoe MN Family photos_0010 Glencoe MN Family photos_0011Glencoe MN Family photos_0011 Glencoe MN Family photos_0012Glencoe MN Family photos_0012 Glencoe MN Family photos_0013Glencoe MN Family photos_0013 Glencoe MN Family photos_0014Glencoe MN Family photos_0014 Glencoe MN Family photos_0015Glencoe MN Family photos_0015 Glencoe MN Family photos_0016Glencoe MN Family photos_0016 Glencoe MN Family photos_0017Glencoe MN Family photos_0017 Glencoe MN Family photos_0018Glencoe MN Family photos_0018 Glencoe MN Family photos_0019Glencoe MN Family photos_0019 Glencoe MN Family photos_0020Glencoe MN Family photos_0020 Glencoe MN Family photos_0021Glencoe MN Family photos_0021 Glencoe MN Family photos_0022Glencoe MN Family photos_0022 Glencoe MN Family photos_0023Glencoe MN Family photos_0023 Glencoe MN Family photos_0024Glencoe MN Family photos_0024 Glencoe MN Family photos_0025Glencoe MN Family photos_0025 Glencoe MN Family photos_0026Glencoe MN Family photos_0026 Glencoe MN Family photos_0008Glencoe MN Family photos_0008 Glencoe MN Family photos_0027Glencoe MN Family photos_0027 Glencoe MN Family photos_0028Glencoe MN Family photos_0028 Glencoe MN Family photos_0029Glencoe MN Family photos_0029 Glencoe MN Family photos_0030Glencoe MN Family photos_0030 Glencoe MN Family photos_0031Glencoe MN Family photos_0031 Glencoe MN Family photos_0032Glencoe MN Family photos_0032 Glencoe MN Family photos_0033Glencoe MN Family photos_0033 Glencoe MN Family photos_0036Glencoe MN Family photos_0036 Glencoe MN Family photos_0035Glencoe MN Family photos_0035 Glencoe MN Family photos_0037Glencoe MN Family photos_0037 Glencoe MN Family photos_0038Glencoe MN Family photos_0038 Glencoe MN Family photos_0041Glencoe MN Family photos_0041 Glencoe MN Family photos_0042Glencoe MN Family photos_0042 Glencoe MN Family photos_0043Glencoe MN Family photos_0043 Glencoe MN Family photos_0046Glencoe MN Family photos_0046 Glencoe MN Family photos_0047Glencoe MN Family photos_0047 Glencoe MN Family photos_0048Glencoe MN Family photos_0048 Glencoe MN Family photos_0044Glencoe MN Family photos_0044 Glencoe MN Family photos_0045Glencoe MN Family photos_0045

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The Cutest Kids! Benson Family I had the pleasure of meeting Laurin & her sister Alyssa along with their families at my Halloween Charity Event, the three kiddos are pretty darn cute so of course I was excited when they inquired about a family session!  It was a cool early December day at Schell's Brewery in New Ulm but they were all troopers (even the dogs!) and we have soo many adorable photographs from their session.  All the laughing and genuine smiles--Too cute not to share!   Thank you for sharing your memories with me Benson Family!  Merry Christmas!

Mankato MN Family photos_0001Mankato MN Family photos_0001 Mankato MN Family photos_0002Mankato MN Family photos_0002 Mankato MN Family photos_0005Mankato MN Family photos_0005 Mankato MN Family photos_0006Mankato MN Family photos_0006 Mankato MN Family photos_0007Mankato MN Family photos_0007 Mankato MN Family photos_0008Mankato MN Family photos_0008 Mankato MN Family photos_0010Mankato MN Family photos_0010 Mankato MN Family photos_0009Mankato MN Family photos_0009 Mankato MN Family photos_0011Mankato MN Family photos_0011 So much concentration here-- Look at that little tongue sticking out as he's thinking about it <3

Mankato MN Family photos_0012Mankato MN Family photos_0012 Mankato MN Family photos_0014Mankato MN Family photos_0014 Mankato MN Family photos_0013Mankato MN Family photos_0013 Mankato MN Family photos_0015Mankato MN Family photos_0015 Mankato MN Family photos_0016Mankato MN Family photos_0016 Mankato MN Family photos_0003Mankato MN Family photos_0003 Mankato MN Family photos_0004Mankato MN Family photos_0004 Mankato MN Family photos_0017Mankato MN Family photos_0017 Mankato MN Family photos_0018Mankato MN Family photos_0018 Mankato MN Family photos_0024Mankato MN Family photos_0024 Mankato MN Family photos_0019Mankato MN Family photos_0019 Mankato MN Family photos_0020Mankato MN Family photos_0020 Mankato MN Family photos_0021Mankato MN Family photos_0021 Mankato MN Family photos_0023Mankato MN Family photos_0023 Mankato MN Family photos_0022Mankato MN Family photos_0022 Mankato MN Family photos_0025Mankato MN Family photos_0025 Mankato MN Family photos_0043Mankato MN Family photos_0043 Mankato MN Family photos_0026Mankato MN Family photos_0026 Mankato MN Family photos_0045Mankato MN Family photos_0045 Mankato MN Family photos_0044Mankato MN Family photos_0044

Mankato MN Family photos_0028Mankato MN Family photos_0028 Mankato MN Family photos_0029Mankato MN Family photos_0029 Mankato MN Family photos_0027Mankato MN Family photos_0027 Mankato MN Family photos_0030Mankato MN Family photos_0030 Mankato MN Family photos_0031Mankato MN Family photos_0031 Mankato MN Family photos_0032Mankato MN Family photos_0032 Mankato MN Family photos_0033Mankato MN Family photos_0033 Mankato MN Family photos_0034Mankato MN Family photos_0034 Mankato MN Family photos_0035Mankato MN Family photos_0035 Mankato MN Family photos_0036Mankato MN Family photos_0036 Mankato MN Family photos_0037Mankato MN Family photos_0037 Mankato MN Family photos_0038Mankato MN Family photos_0038 Mankato MN Family photos_0039Mankato MN Family photos_0039 Mankato MN Family photos_0040Mankato MN Family photos_0040 Mankato MN Family photos_0041Mankato MN Family photos_0041 Mankato MN Family photos_0042Mankato MN Family photos_0042

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Emily & Lucas's Mankato Engagement Session How cute are these two!!?!?  It has been such a pleasure getting to know Lucas and Emily, they are absolutely perfect together!  The passion and drive they have for their relationship and their careers is hard to miss.  They were such troopers getting up early so we could capture the beautiful sunlight coming through those fall leaves!   Thanks for the awesome session Emily and Lucas -- Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0001Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0001

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0002Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0002 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0004Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0004 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0007Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0007 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0030Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0030 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0003Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0003

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0031Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0031 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0012Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0012 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0014Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0014 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0013Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0013 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0015Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0015 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0016Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0016 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0017Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0017 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0018Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0018 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0019Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0019 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0020Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0020 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0021Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0021

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0022Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0022 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0024Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0024 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0025Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0025 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0026Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0026 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0027Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0027 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0028Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0028 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0029Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0029

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Alison & Andy's Winthrop Wedding I have been excited for Alison and Andy's wedding since the first time we talked about their wedding plans!  After we photographed their engagement session at Centennial Lakes Park (which was beautiful!) I got to know more about Alison, Andy and Alison's sister, Hannah.  Hannah is in her second year of photography school and intered with me this past summer and fall, so I would hear little bits here and there about their wedding details, plans and decor.  Their wedding day arrived and we started with the details (one of my favorite parts of the day!)  Alison had so many beautiful details I could have photographed them much longer but it was time to get on with the day and get our bride in her dress.  I love when mom's help get the bride dressed, one thing that will always be a wonderful moment and memory for both the bride and mother of the bride.  Alison was in her dress and just glowing - such a beautiful bride!  A few photos of her and then we were off to see her Dad, Mark, for the first time.  Alison had gifted him an engraved pocket watch that was just perfect!  As you can tell by the photos he knows just how to make her smile!  And then it was on to Andy, getting ready photos and finally time to see his bride!  Andy is a pretty quite guy but his reaction to Alison was perfect, they are the sweetest couple and perfect for each other!  Wedding party, family photos, onto the ceremony and celebration!  The love and joy these two share was overflowing and I cannot wait to see where the future takes them.  Congratulations Andy & Alison, it was such an honor to capture these wonderful moments for you both and your families, thank you for sharing your memories with me!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! Winthrop MN Wedding_0002Winthrop MN Wedding_0002 Winthrop MN Wedding_0001Winthrop MN Wedding_0001 Winthrop MN Wedding_0005Winthrop MN Wedding_0005 Winthrop MN Wedding_0004Winthrop MN Wedding_0004 Winthrop MN Wedding_0003Winthrop MN Wedding_0003 Winthrop MN Wedding_0007Winthrop MN Wedding_0007 Winthrop MN Wedding_0008Winthrop MN Wedding_0008 Winthrop MN Wedding_0009Winthrop MN Wedding_0009 Winthrop MN Wedding_0010Winthrop MN Wedding_0010 Winthrop MN Wedding_0011Winthrop MN Wedding_0011 Winthrop MN Wedding_0012Winthrop MN Wedding_0012

Winthrop MN Wedding_0040Winthrop MN Wedding_0040 Winthrop MN Wedding_0006Winthrop MN Wedding_0006 Winthrop MN Wedding_0013Winthrop MN Wedding_0013 Winthrop MN Wedding_0015Winthrop MN Wedding_0015

Winthrop MN Wedding_0014Winthrop MN Wedding_0014 Winthrop MN Wedding_0016Winthrop MN Wedding_0016 Winthrop MN Wedding_0018Winthrop MN Wedding_0018 Winthrop MN Wedding_0017Winthrop MN Wedding_0017 Winthrop MN Wedding_0019Winthrop MN Wedding_0019 Winthrop MN Wedding_0020Winthrop MN Wedding_0020 Winthrop MN Wedding_0021Winthrop MN Wedding_0021 Winthrop MN Wedding_0022Winthrop MN Wedding_0022 Winthrop MN Wedding_0023Winthrop MN Wedding_0023 Winthrop MN Wedding_0024Winthrop MN Wedding_0024 Winthrop MN Wedding_0025Winthrop MN Wedding_0025 Winthrop MN Wedding_0026Winthrop MN Wedding_0026 Winthrop MN Wedding_0027Winthrop MN Wedding_0027 Winthrop MN Wedding_0028Winthrop MN Wedding_0028 Winthrop MN Wedding_0029Winthrop MN Wedding_0029 Winthrop MN Wedding_0030Winthrop MN Wedding_0030 Winthrop MN Wedding_0031Winthrop MN Wedding_0031 Winthrop MN Wedding_0032Winthrop MN Wedding_0032 Winthrop MN Wedding_0033Winthrop MN Wedding_0033 Winthrop MN Wedding_0035Winthrop MN Wedding_0035 Winthrop MN Wedding_0034Winthrop MN Wedding_0034 Winthrop MN Wedding_0036Winthrop MN Wedding_0036 Winthrop MN Wedding_0037Winthrop MN Wedding_0037 Winthrop MN Wedding_0038Winthrop MN Wedding_0038 Winthrop MN Wedding_0039Winthrop MN Wedding_0039

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Brittany & Dave's Wedding Day Brittany and Dave said their I do's on September 16th surrounded by their closest family and friends.  Their wedding day was filled with so much love, laughter and joy it was a true celebration!  Just a few of my favorite moments from their day:

1.  All the laddies flannels & bracelets!

2.  Brittany's first look with her dad <3

3.  As we arrive at the park for the first look between Brittany and Dave-here's Dave and his best man Tom fishing in their tuxes!  

4.  Dave and Brittany's Dad playing "rock, paper, scissors" for Brittany right before she's given away

5.  Best Man, Tom, pulling out a fish instead of the rings at the alter

6.  Cheers photos at the bar!

7.  The gift the guys bought Dave-- a fishing reel!  I would say that's a perfect gift for him!

8. The band "Shot Gun Wedding" at the reception--amazing!  

9.  Parent dances were awesome!  Love all the laughing and memories made!

10.  The love between Brittany & Dave with their nieces and nephew!  

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Pearson!  Thank you for trusting me to capture these amazing moments in your lives and sharing your memories with me!  I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness & laughter!  Enjoy a few of my favorites :) Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0003Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0003 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0002Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0002 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0007Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0007 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0006Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0006 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0008Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0008 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0009Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0009 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0010Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0010 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0011Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0011 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0004Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0004 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0012Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0012 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0013Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0013 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0014Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0014 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0015Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0015 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0016Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0016 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0017Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0017 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0018Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0018 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0019Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0019 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0020Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0020 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0022Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0022 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0023Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0023 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0024Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0024 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0025Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0025 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0026Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0026 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0027Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0027 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0028Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0028 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0029Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0029 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0030Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0030 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0031Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0031 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0032Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0032 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0033Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0033 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0034Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0034 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0035Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0035 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0036Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0036 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0037Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0037 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0038Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0038 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0039Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0039 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0040Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0040 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0041Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0041 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0042Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0042 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0043Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0043 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0044Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0044 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0045Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0045 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0046Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0046 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0047Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0047 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0048Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0048 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0049Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0049 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0050Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0050 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0051Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0051 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0052Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0052 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0053Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0053 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0054Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0054 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0055Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0055 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0056Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0056 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0057Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0057 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0058Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0058 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0059Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0059 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0060Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0060 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0061Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0061 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0062Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0062 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0063Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0063 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0064Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0064 Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0065Belle Plaine MN Wedding_0065


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Go Hawks!! Logan's One Year Session! Gooo Hawks!!!  One of my favorite families from Iowa came up for a visit the other week sporting their Hawkeye apparel!  I have known Whitney & Dan for a few years now, Whitney used to work with my husband back in Iowa.  I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement, wedding, their first son Dominic since he was born and now we just wrapped up Logan's first year!  It is always a pleasure seeing these guys and catching up!  Logan is such a chill little guy and that hair just has a mind of it's own!  So good to see you guys-thanks for the great session and making the trip up to the new studio!  Happy First Birthday Logan!!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session:


Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0001Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0001 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0003Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0003 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0002Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0002 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0005Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0005 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0004Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0004 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0006Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0006

Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0008Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0008 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0007Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0007 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0009Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0009 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0010Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0010 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0011Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0011 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0012Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0012 Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0013Eagle Lake Hawkeye One Year Session_0013

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Miss Maureen Meet little Miss Maureen, she is the sweetest little thing and has the cutest little smirk.  Just had to share a few of my favorites from her newborn session this past summer.  Congratulations to the Sutton Family on your sweet little girl-- I know those two big brothers will show her the ropes as she gets older!    

Arlington Newborn Session_0002Arlington Newborn Session_0002 Arlington Newborn Session_0001Arlington Newborn Session_0001 Arlington Newborn Session_0005Arlington Newborn Session_0005 Arlington Newborn Session_0004Arlington Newborn Session_0004 Arlington Newborn Session_0006Arlington Newborn Session_0006 Arlington Newborn Session_0007Arlington Newborn Session_0007 Arlington Newborn Session_0008Arlington Newborn Session_0008 Arlington Newborn Session_0003Arlington Newborn Session_0003

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Evan William Introducing Evan William Quast!  He is the cutest little guy and I am honored to have taken his first professional photos!  I have known Evan's mom, Erin, since we were kids; our families attended the same church, growing up we went to the same schools, we were in the same 4-H group, used to go on bike rides for hours at a time, the list could go on and on.  Growing up in small town Arlington, Wade's grandparents lived across the street from my family, and all three of us, Erin, Wade, and myself all worked at the same small town grocery store during high school.

I had the privilege of photographing Erin and Wade's engagement, wedding and now their son.  It is always a privilege to photograph any of my clients, being able to create a beautiful portrait that will quickly turn into a memory is something I will always love.  When that client is someone you have known for the majority of your life it gets just a little bit sweeter.  There is a little more joy knowing their "story" and continuing to "add on" photos to their next chapter in life.  So, long story short, when Erin contacted me, I was thrilled!  Little Evan was such a rockstar at his session and big brother Franklin did just as well!  

Congratulations Erin, Wade, and Franklin!  I hope you can cherish these portraits-- someday, look back and remember these special moments; just how little he was, what it felt like to be a new mom and dad, all those sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and how precious of a blessing he is!  

I recently came across a quote that seems to fit with so much of what I do:  "You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory".

Enjoy a few of my favorites :)

Mankato Newborn Session_0002Mankato Newborn Session_0002 Mankato Newborn Session_0003Mankato Newborn Session_0003 Mankato Newborn Session_0005Mankato Newborn Session_0005 Mankato Newborn Session_0004Mankato Newborn Session_0004 Mankato Newborn Session_0006Mankato Newborn Session_0006 Mankato Newborn Session_0007Mankato Newborn Session_0007 Mankato Newborn Session_0008Mankato Newborn Session_0008 Mankato Newborn Session_0009Mankato Newborn Session_0009 Mankato Newborn Session_0010Mankato Newborn Session_0010 Mankato Newborn Session_0012Mankato Newborn Session_0012 Mankato Newborn Session_0014Mankato Newborn Session_0014 Mankato Newborn Session_0013Mankato Newborn Session_0013 Mankato Newborn Session_0015Mankato Newborn Session_0015 Big brother Franklin did so good! Mankato Newborn Session_0016Mankato Newborn Session_0016 Mankato Newborn Session_0017Mankato Newborn Session_0017 Mankato Newborn Session_0018Mankato Newborn Session_0018 The beautiful hand made quilt Great Grandma Pinske made for Evan  Mankato Newborn Session_0022Mankato Newborn Session_0022 And a few more photos with Franklin and the moon Grandma and Grandpa Pinske built

Mankato Newborn Session_0023Mankato Newborn Session_0023 Mankato Newborn Session_0019Mankato Newborn Session_0019

Mankato Newborn Session_0021Mankato Newborn Session_0021

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Emma & Quinn I'm so excited to share more portraits from Emma & Quinn's session!  I have had the honor of photographing these two for quite some time now- since Emma was just a little one.  Emma is the sweetest girl and such a great big sister! Quinn is all toddler - she is one busy busy girl and when you catch that smile it's the cutest!  Thank you Ann and Roger for trusting me to capture these moments of your sweet girls and sharing your memories with me-I love seeing them and how much they've grown each time!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0001Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0001 Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0004Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0004 ​​​​ Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0002Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0002 Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0005Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0005 Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0006Eagle Lake Children's Photos_0006

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Baby Brianna! Waldorf Newborn Session Introducing Brianna Marie Holmes!  She is one adorable little girl that looks just like her mom.  I have known Tammi and Sean for years, Tammi is my best friend from high school and it has been a joy to watch their story unfold.  From their dating days in high school, to their wedding, beginning their lives together, starting their family with TJ, and now baby Brianna!  It has been an honor to photograph and document some of these important moments in their lives and I am so excited to share a few of my favorites from Brianna's newborn session!  Big brother TJ has the cutest smile and is all country - he can name just about every piece of farm equipment!  Congratulations Tammi & Sean! I am so happy for your family, you have been blessed with two beautiful babies and are such great parents to them.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds and watch as these two grow!


Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0034Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0034

Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0005Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0005 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0004Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0004 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0003Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0003 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0006Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0006

Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0008Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0008 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0009Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0009 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0010Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0010 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0011Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0011 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0013Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0013 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0015Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0015 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0016Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0016 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0019Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0019 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0020Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0020 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0024Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0024 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0026Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0026 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0027Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0027 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0028Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0028 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0029Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0029 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0032Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0032 Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0030Waldorf Eagle Lake Newborn_0030


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Love is in the Air! Britney & Brett's Arlington MN Engagement Session! I was soo excited when Britney & Brett booked their 2018 wedding with me!  Growing up in small town Arlington everyone kind of knows everyone, (One of my favorite things about living in a small town).  Brett's Grandparents were neighbors with my Grandparents just outside of town-there is a wooded area in between the two farm places.  Brett found himself quite the catch!  Britney has this smile and presence of lighting up the room, they both have such a natural smile (and they laughed at all my corny jokes! Bonus points for them! haha!)  But in all seriousness you can tell the love they share is something special.  I cannot wait for their wedding next year and am so excited to share a few of my favorite portraits from their amazing session!  Congratulations Brett & Britney-I hope the way you look at each other, beaming with love, never changes!

Arlington Engagement Session_0030Arlington Engagement Session_0030 Arlington Engagement Session_0001Arlington Engagement Session_0001 Arlington Engagement Session_0002Arlington Engagement Session_0002 Arlington Engagement Session_0003Arlington Engagement Session_0003 Arlington Engagement Session_0005Arlington Engagement Session_0005 Arlington Engagement Session_0006Arlington Engagement Session_0006 Arlington Engagement Session_0007Arlington Engagement Session_0007 Arlington Engagement Session_0031Arlington Engagement Session_0031 Arlington Engagement Session_0032Arlington Engagement Session_0032 Arlington Engagement Session_0009Arlington Engagement Session_0009 Arlington Engagement Session_0011Arlington Engagement Session_0011 Arlington Engagement Session_0033Arlington Engagement Session_0033 Arlington Engagement Session_0012Arlington Engagement Session_0012 Arlington Engagement Session_0013Arlington Engagement Session_0013 Arlington Engagement Session_0014Arlington Engagement Session_0014 Arlington Engagement Session_0015Arlington Engagement Session_0015 Arlington Engagement Session_0016Arlington Engagement Session_0016 Arlington Engagement Session_0017Arlington Engagement Session_0017 Arlington Engagement Session_0018Arlington Engagement Session_0018 Arlington Engagement Session_0019Arlington Engagement Session_0019 Arlington Engagement Session_0020Arlington Engagement Session_0020 Arlington Engagement Session_0021Arlington Engagement Session_0021 Arlington Engagement Session_0022Arlington Engagement Session_0022 Arlington Engagement Session_0023Arlington Engagement Session_0023 Arlington Engagement Session_0024Arlington Engagement Session_0024 Arlington Engagement Session_0025Arlington Engagement Session_0025 Arlington Engagement Session_0026Arlington Engagement Session_0026 Arlington Engagement Session_0027Arlington Engagement Session_0027 Arlington Engagement Session_0029Arlington Engagement Session_0029

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) engagement portraits Mon, 31 Jul 2017 15:06:38 GMT
Dave & Brittany's Carver MN E-Session It has been so much fun getting to know Brittany & Dave and I cannot wait for their upcoming wedding!  We split their engagement session into two parts, the first part of their session was in early early spring before the grass was true green and the trees were full of leaves. We just finished up the second part of their session last week!  Both sessions were at Dave's families cabin/house, which is amazing!!  Besides the beautiful home and all the one-of-a kind features inside there are so many locations on their property every way you look that are breathtaking and picture perfect!  These two are some of the nicest people you'll meet and I cannot wait to watch them say their "I do's" in just a few short weeks!  

Carver Engagement Session_0001Carver Engagement Session_0001 Carver Engagement Session_0002Carver Engagement Session_0002 Carver Engagement Session_0003Carver Engagement Session_0003 Carver Engagement Session_0004Carver Engagement Session_0004 Carver Engagement Session_0005Carver Engagement Session_0005 Carver Engagement Session_0006Carver Engagement Session_0006 Carver Engagement Session_0007Carver Engagement Session_0007 Carver Engagement Session_0008Carver Engagement Session_0008 Carver Engagement Session_0009Carver Engagement Session_0009 Carver Engagement Session_0010Carver Engagement Session_0010 Carver Engagement Session_0011Carver Engagement Session_0011 Carver Engagement Session_0012Carver Engagement Session_0012 Carver Engagement Session_0013Carver Engagement Session_0013 Carver Engagement Session_0014Carver Engagement Session_0014 I can't decide which I love more...the gorgeous color or beautiful black and white!   Either way the view and couple were stunning! Carver Engagement Session_0015Carver Engagement Session_0015 Carver Engagement Session_0016Carver Engagement Session_0016 Carver Engagement Session_0017Carver Engagement Session_0017 Carver Engagement Session_0018Carver Engagement Session_0018

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) engagement portraits Fri, 28 Jul 2017 20:47:33 GMT
Eli's One Year Session! Eli and Owen are my nephews and Godsons, these sweet and silly little boys can certainly be a handful of goofiness as well!  I had such a fun time photographing Eli's one-year session and of course, big brother Owen got in on the fun as well!  Owen has a little bit of a wild side, loves anything with wheels!  Trucks, tractors, cars, you name it, if it has wheels he's all about it.  And little brother Eli watches Owen like a hawk, his every move.  Eli has the biggest brightest blue eyes, is pretty laid back observing everything, especially his big brother.  Hard to believe this little guy turned one just a few weeks ago!  

Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0007Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0007

Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0005Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0005 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0006Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0006 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0009Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0009 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0008Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0008 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0010Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0010 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0011Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0011 Patiently waiting for his cake

Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0013Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0013 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0012Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0012

Owen decided to get in on the cake smash... Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0014Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0014

Although I think he had more fun painting Eli with the frosting than eating it! Haha! Silly boys! Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0016Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0016 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0017Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0017 Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0015Eagle Lake One Year Cake Smash Session_0015

Cake: Decadent Desserts, Mankato MN

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New Portrait Album! Angela Archer Photography I'm so excited to introduce our newest studio product!  Take a look at this beautiful album and it's display case!   This lay flat album is perfect for any baby, child, senior or engagement session! The display case has a clear cover so your album can be showcased on any coffee table or shelf.  There are many options for album sizes and custom colors to match your session and style!  

Photo albums are a fantastic way to display your portraits and tell your story, an easy solution to having your favorite portraits printed and something you can look back at for years to come.  There is no doubt photographing and having that interaction with my clients is my favorite part of this business but my second favorite part is getting in finished prints and albums from the professional printing labs-there is something about opening up a brand new album and packaging up an order that I love!  All the planning, photographing, culling, editing and ordering is then complete and I cannot wait for my client to treasure their portraits.  I'm super excited to add this album to the products offered here at the studio and can't wait to design more of these for my clients! 

One Year Children's Photo Album_0001One Year Children's Photo Album_0001 One Year Children's Photo Album_0002One Year Children's Photo Album_0002 One Year Children's Photo Album_0003One Year Children's Photo Album_0003 One Year Children's Photo Album_0004One Year Children's Photo Album_0004

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Sparklers in the Rain!! What a wedding!  Nicole and Chris celebrated their wedding day on June 17, 2017 in Glencoe MN.  I have had to honor of photographing two weddings for the Ahlbrecht family and they are some of the nicest people.  At the time they booked and started planning their wedding things were a bit crazy as they were living in Wisconsin and Chris was preparing to be deployed.  As I met for our final consult with Nicole the busyness of their lives continued, she had moved back to Minnesota and was awaiting Chris's arrival from his deployment just a few weeks before the wedding date.  The day had finally arrived and all the details, red, white, and blue wedding colors, old to new cars, and reception at her parents farm were a perfect fit for them.  Different models and years of cars were showcased as the wedding party drove out to the farm- this was such a neat idea and with Grandma & Grandpa leading the pack!  The rain held off for most of the day and just as we were about to wrap up our photos with the sparklers it started to pour!  Years from now I'm sure this is one thing they won't forget-running through a tunnel of sparklers in the pouring rain!  What a fun wedding filled with so many laughs!  Congratulations Chris and Nicole!  It has been such a pleasure getting to know you both and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!  Thank you again Chris for your service to our country!  

Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0001Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0001 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0002Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0002 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0003Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0003 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0004Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0004 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0005Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0005 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0006Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0006 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0007Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0007 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0008Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0008 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0009Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0009 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0011Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0011

Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0010Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0010 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0012Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0012 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0013Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0013 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0014Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0014 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0015Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0015 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0016Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0016 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0017Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0017 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0018Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0018

Can you tell which car Chris likes more??

Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0019Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0019 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0020Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0020 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0021Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0021 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0022Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0022 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0023Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0023 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0024Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0024 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0025Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0025 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0026Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0026 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0027Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0027 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0028Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0028 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0029Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0029

Always LOVE a hand ring photograph with the Grandmas!   Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0030Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0030 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0031Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0031 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0032Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0032 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0033Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0033 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0034Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0034 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0035Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0035 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0056Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0056

Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0036Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0036

One of my favorite photographs from the day!  Grandma & Grandpa chauffeuring the bride and groom to the reception in this beauty! Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0037Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0037 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0038Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0038 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0039Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0039 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0040Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0040 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0041Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0041 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0042Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0042 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0043Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0043 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0044Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0044 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0045Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0045 The best man (Chris's brother) couldn't resist the opportunity of playing a joke on Chris....

Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0046Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0046 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0047Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0047 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0048Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0048 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0049Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0049 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0050Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0050 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0051Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0051 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0052Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0052 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0053Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0053 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0054Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0054 Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0055Glencoe MN Wedding Photos_0055

Congratulations! Thank you for inviting me in this special time in your lives!

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) wedding photography wedding portraits Fri, 14 Jul 2017 15:52:17 GMT
Jamie & Seth's Winthrop Wedding! Congratulations Jamie & Seth Schaefer!!  June 10th, 2017 was a hot and windy day in Winthrop MN but with friends and family around the day was perfect.  It has been such a joy getting to know these two!  From the first consultation on they have been a pleasure to work with, it was an honor to document their love story!  Jamie loves all things bling-the wedding colors, sparkles, and decorations were perfect not to mention her gorgeous wedding ring!  After the I do's were official it was off to the Winthrop Country Club for a few more photos, onto the Dave's Place Bar & Grill in Lafayette, and then the celebration continued at the Best Western in New Ulm.  Thank you Jamie & Seth for trusting me to capture these moments in your lives and sharing your memories with me!  

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0039Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0039 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0001Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0001 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0056Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0056 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0002Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0002

Isn't she a stunning bride!? Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0003Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0003 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0004Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0004

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0005Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0005 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0006Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0006

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0007Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0007 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0008Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0008 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0009Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0009 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0010Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0010 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0011Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0011 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0012Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0012 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0013Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0013 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0014Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0014 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0015Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0015 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0016Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0016 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0017Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0017

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0018Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0018 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0019Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0019 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0021Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0021 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0020Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0020 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0022Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0022 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0024Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0024 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0023Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0023

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0025Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0025 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0026Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0026 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0027Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0027 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0029Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0029 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0030Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0030

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0031Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0031 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0032Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0032 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0033Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0033 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0028Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0028 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0034Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0034 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0035Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0035 Love the expression from dad as he gives his daughter away to become a wife! Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0036Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0036 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0037Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0037 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0038Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0038

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0040Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0040 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0041Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0041

Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0042Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0042 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0043Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0043 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0044Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0044 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0045Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0045 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0047Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0047 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0046Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0046 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0048Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0048 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0049Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0049 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0050Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0050 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0053Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0053 Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0054Winthrop MN Wedding Photos_0054


Flowers: That Special Touch Floral Shop

Church: Peace Lutheran Church, Winthrop

Reception Venue: Best Western, New Ulm

Videography: Rendered Keepsakes

DJ: What's the Damage Entertainment

Photography: Angela Archer Photography

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) wedding photography wedding portraits Sat, 01 Jul 2017 18:05:27 GMT
Chaska Family Farm Engagement Session Kim and Doug are getting married!  I went to the same high school as Kim, and I believe we had a few classes together throughout our years in high school.  She is such a kind person and friends with another couple I had photographed a few years ago who are also super cool (shout out to Maria & Roscoe!) so I figured Doug had to be a great guy!  Oh, and he is!  Kim found herself a wonderful guy!  So when they asked me to be their wedding photographer I was thrilled!  We photographed their engagement session at Doug's family farm just outside of Chaska-it was a beautiful summer evening and we got to play with the brand new tractor!!  Kim has this radiant smile bursting with joy and the way Doug can make her laugh is adorable!  I am so excited for their winter wedding!  Congratulations once again Kim and Doug on your engagement!

Chaska Engagement Session_0001Chaska Engagement Session_0001 Chaska Engagement Session_0002Chaska Engagement Session_0002 Chaska Engagement Session_0003Chaska Engagement Session_0003 Chaska Engagement Session_0005Chaska Engagement Session_0005 Chaska Engagement Session_0004Chaska Engagement Session_0004 Chaska Engagement Session_0006Chaska Engagement Session_0006 Chaska Engagement Session_0007Chaska Engagement Session_0007 Chaska Engagement Session_0008Chaska Engagement Session_0008 Chaska Engagement Session_0009Chaska Engagement Session_0009
Chaska Engagement Session_0010Chaska Engagement Session_0010 Chaska Engagement Session_0011Chaska Engagement Session_0011

Chaska Engagement Session_0013Chaska Engagement Session_0013 Chaska Engagement Session_0012Chaska Engagement Session_0012 Chaska Engagement Session_0014Chaska Engagement Session_0014 Chaska Engagement Session_0015Chaska Engagement Session_0015 Chaska Engagement Session_0016Chaska Engagement Session_0016 Chaska Engagement Session_0017Chaska Engagement Session_0017 Chaska Engagement Session_0018Chaska Engagement Session_0018 Chaska Engagement Session_0019Chaska Engagement Session_0019 Chaska Engagement Session_0020Chaska Engagement Session_0020 Chaska Engagement Session_0021Chaska Engagement Session_0021

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) Engagement Portraits Fri, 16 Jun 2017 20:55:31 GMT
BOOGERS and All Things Boy! I have had the honor of photographing Caleb since he was just a little boy, so when Caleb's Mom inquired for his 4-year session I was excited!  Both Caleb and his big brother August have always made me laugh -- they are such light-hearted fun boys, full of silly jokes and so much personality!  As you can imagine boy sessions are much different than girls session, we talk about all things boys.  Well, for Caleb boogers was the topic!  We talked about animals, as well as many other things but every time he yelled "BOOGERS!!" he would get the biggest smile and the cutest laugh.  Not only was Caleb's session a blast, he was also my very first session in the new studio here in Eagle Lake and he set the tone for many more smiles and laughs to come!  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from his session, hard to believe this guy is 4 years old already!  

Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0001Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0001 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0002Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0002 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0003Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0003 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0004Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0004 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0005Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0005 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0006Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0006 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0007Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0007 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0008Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0008 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0009Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0009 Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0010Mankato Eagle Lake Children's Photography_0010

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) Children's Photography Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:50:16 GMT
Miss Maggie's One Year Session! I have had the honor of photographing little Maggie since she was born - it has been so much fun to watch her grow!  I was so excited for her one year old session -- not only was she my second session in the new studio, she rocked every little outfit we did! She is full of energy, loves to play peek-a-boo, climb on just about anything and her little giggle is the best!  Congratulations Zac and Tara - you survived year one!  Enjoy my favorites from her session!

Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0001Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0001 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0004Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0004 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0002Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0002 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0003Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0003 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0005Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0005 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0006Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0006 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0007Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0007 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0008Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0008 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0011Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0011 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0009Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0009 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0010Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0010

Such a sw​eet smile playing peek-a-boo with daddy!​​​​​​ Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0012Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0012 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0013Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0013 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0014Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0014 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0015Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0015 Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0017Mankato Eagle Lake Cake Smash Photography_0017

Adorable cake by Bluebird Cakery

]]> (Angela Archer Photography) cake smash children's photography one year session Tue, 06 Jun 2017 17:31:19 GMT