Nicole & Chris's Buffalo Creek Park Engagement Session

October 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Buffalo Creek Park in Glencoe has special meaning to Nicole and Chris so that was the perfect location for their engagement session!  I had the honor of photographing Nicole's sister's wedding a few years ago and so of course I was excited to hear about Nicole & Chris's wedding plans and thrilled to be their wedding photographer!  They are such a sweet couple, both from Glencoe and went to the same high school, Chris is in the military and will be deployed for service coming up soon.  I am so thankful for his service and dedication to his country and am glad we were able to get their engagement session in yet before the business of preparing for deployment set in.  Buffalo Creek Park was a new location and new experience for me and definitely one to add to my list of great photo locations!  Congratulations Nicole and Chris and thank you for choosing me to be your photographer--I hope these portraits will ease the time you are away from each other.  Enjoy a few of my favorites!

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