Janessa & Jon's Glencoe MN Wedding Day!

November 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

I am so excited to share Janessa & Jon's wedding day story!  I had such a fun time photographing their engagement session and I knew their wedding would be even better!  It was a cloudy, foggy start to the day but as soon as we got started the fog lifted and the sun made it's appearance.  Janessa is one of the most organized brides I've ever seen-she had all her beautiful details marked and ready to go for us and nothing was left undone!  She is such a thoughtful person even the bridesmaids had charms on their flower bouquets of important people they've loved or lost-such a sweet touch!  The love these two share is hard to miss, their day was overflowing with emotion and joy and everything you would want in a wedding day!  Congratulations Janessa & Jon!~ My heart is overflowing with happiness for you two!  Enjoy a few of my many many favorites from their day!


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Janessa had this "Love You More" patch sown into her dress to win their cute game of who loves who more...or so she thought...


Even their dog got a charm on Janessa's bouquet! 

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Jon's surprise for Janessa at their reception...not sure who won their who loves who more battle... ha ha


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Michelle Hjelle(non-registered)
Absolutely Beautiful!
I can't even describe the emotion that went through me when I looked at these - it's like
I experienced my wedding day all over again ❤️ You are so amazing Angela, every picture fits our life perfectly you captured every feeling more perfect than words could ever say thank you so much!
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