Makenzie & Eddie's Mankato Wedding Day

July 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

I have known Makenzie since she was a little girl and have had the honor of photographing her many many times.  She has been a "model" for me when I was in photography school,  her high school senior portraits, her brother's wedding, Eddie & her engagement session, and now it was her wedding day!  Soon after they had gotten engaged we were already scheming of how their day would layout-the beautiful church, the scenery, locations and options for photos were all discussed.  When it came time for their engagement session I was super excited to get to know Eddie, learn more about him, and see these two as a couple--I had such a fun time during their session photographing little Makenzie (not so little anymore) with the man of her dreams!  Eddie is in the military and if I understand it correctly the majority of their relationship has been at a distance, they have so much love and trust for each other and in God's plans for them their wedding day was a beautiful celebration!  With a great couple, wonderful wedding party & families, and the love, joy, and anticipation all wrapped up it was a perfect day!  I thank you Eddie for your service, am so happy for you both, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors in New York!  Congratulations once again!

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Makenzie's something borrowed was her sister-in law's veil--love all this sweet sentiments! 

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The lace on her bouquet was from her Grandma's wedding dress and the sweetheart pin from her other Grandma!

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