Chaska Family Farm Engagement Session

June 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Kim and Doug are getting married!  I went to the same high school as Kim, and I believe we had a few classes together throughout our years in high school.  She is such a kind person and friends with another couple I had photographed a few years ago who are also super cool (shout out to Maria & Roscoe!) so I figured Doug had to be a great guy!  Oh, and he is!  Kim found herself a wonderful guy!  So when they asked me to be their wedding photographer I was thrilled!  We photographed their engagement session at Doug's family farm just outside of Chaska-it was a beautiful summer evening and we got to play with the brand new tractor!!  Kim has this radiant smile bursting with joy and the way Doug can make her laugh is adorable!  I am so excited for their winter wedding!  Congratulations once again Kim and Doug on your engagement!

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Chaska Engagement Session_0010Chaska Engagement Session_0010 Chaska Engagement Session_0011Chaska Engagement Session_0011

Chaska Engagement Session_0013Chaska Engagement Session_0013 Chaska Engagement Session_0012Chaska Engagement Session_0012 Chaska Engagement Session_0014Chaska Engagement Session_0014 Chaska Engagement Session_0015Chaska Engagement Session_0015 Chaska Engagement Session_0016Chaska Engagement Session_0016 Chaska Engagement Session_0017Chaska Engagement Session_0017 Chaska Engagement Session_0018Chaska Engagement Session_0018 Chaska Engagement Session_0019Chaska Engagement Session_0019 Chaska Engagement Session_0020Chaska Engagement Session_0020 Chaska Engagement Session_0021Chaska Engagement Session_0021


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