Dave & Brittany's Carver MN E-Session

July 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It has been so much fun getting to know Brittany & Dave and I cannot wait for their upcoming wedding!  We split their engagement session into two parts, the first part of their session was in early early spring before the grass was true green and the trees were full of leaves. We just finished up the second part of their session last week!  Both sessions were at Dave's families cabin/house, which is amazing!!  Besides the beautiful home and all the one-of-a kind features inside there are so many locations on their property every way you look that are breathtaking and picture perfect!  These two are some of the nicest people you'll meet and I cannot wait to watch them say their "I do's" in just a few short weeks!  

Carver Engagement Session_0001Carver Engagement Session_0001 Carver Engagement Session_0002Carver Engagement Session_0002 Carver Engagement Session_0003Carver Engagement Session_0003 Carver Engagement Session_0004Carver Engagement Session_0004 Carver Engagement Session_0005Carver Engagement Session_0005 Carver Engagement Session_0006Carver Engagement Session_0006 Carver Engagement Session_0007Carver Engagement Session_0007 Carver Engagement Session_0008Carver Engagement Session_0008 Carver Engagement Session_0009Carver Engagement Session_0009 Carver Engagement Session_0010Carver Engagement Session_0010 Carver Engagement Session_0011Carver Engagement Session_0011 Carver Engagement Session_0012Carver Engagement Session_0012 Carver Engagement Session_0013Carver Engagement Session_0013 Carver Engagement Session_0014Carver Engagement Session_0014 I can't decide which I love more...the gorgeous color or beautiful black and white!   Either way the view and couple were stunning! Carver Engagement Session_0015Carver Engagement Session_0015 Carver Engagement Session_0016Carver Engagement Session_0016 Carver Engagement Session_0017Carver Engagement Session_0017 Carver Engagement Session_0018Carver Engagement Session_0018


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