Evan William

September 06, 2017  •  2 Comments

Introducing Evan William Quast!  He is the cutest little guy and I am honored to have taken his first professional photos!  I have known Evan's mom, Erin, since we were kids; our families attended the same church, growing up we went to the same schools, we were in the same 4-H group, used to go on bike rides for hours at a time, the list could go on and on.  Growing up in small town Arlington, Wade's grandparents lived across the street from my family, and all three of us, Erin, Wade, and myself all worked at the same small town grocery store during high school.

I had the privilege of photographing Erin and Wade's engagement, wedding and now their son.  It is always a privilege to photograph any of my clients, being able to create a beautiful portrait that will quickly turn into a memory is something I will always love.  When that client is someone you have known for the majority of your life it gets just a little bit sweeter.  There is a little more joy knowing their "story" and continuing to "add on" photos to their next chapter in life.  So, long story short, when Erin contacted me, I was thrilled!  Little Evan was such a rockstar at his session and big brother Franklin did just as well!  

Congratulations Erin, Wade, and Franklin!  I hope you can cherish these portraits-- someday, look back and remember these special moments; just how little he was, what it felt like to be a new mom and dad, all those sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and how precious of a blessing he is!  

I recently came across a quote that seems to fit with so much of what I do:  "You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory".

Enjoy a few of my favorites :)

Mankato Newborn Session_0002Mankato Newborn Session_0002 Mankato Newborn Session_0003Mankato Newborn Session_0003 Mankato Newborn Session_0005Mankato Newborn Session_0005 Mankato Newborn Session_0004Mankato Newborn Session_0004 Mankato Newborn Session_0006Mankato Newborn Session_0006 Mankato Newborn Session_0007Mankato Newborn Session_0007 Mankato Newborn Session_0008Mankato Newborn Session_0008 Mankato Newborn Session_0009Mankato Newborn Session_0009 Mankato Newborn Session_0010Mankato Newborn Session_0010 Mankato Newborn Session_0012Mankato Newborn Session_0012 Mankato Newborn Session_0014Mankato Newborn Session_0014 Mankato Newborn Session_0013Mankato Newborn Session_0013 Mankato Newborn Session_0015Mankato Newborn Session_0015 Big brother Franklin did so good! Mankato Newborn Session_0016Mankato Newborn Session_0016 Mankato Newborn Session_0017Mankato Newborn Session_0017 Mankato Newborn Session_0018Mankato Newborn Session_0018 The beautiful hand made quilt Great Grandma Pinske made for Evan  Mankato Newborn Session_0022Mankato Newborn Session_0022 And a few more photos with Franklin and the moon Grandma and Grandpa Pinske built

Mankato Newborn Session_0023Mankato Newborn Session_0023 Mankato Newborn Session_0019Mankato Newborn Session_0019

Mankato Newborn Session_0021Mankato Newborn Session_0021


Angela Archer Photography
Thanks Kim! Photographs are an amazing thing!
Auntie Kimmy Bade(non-registered)
Angela, your work is continually wonderful and you are an inspiring talent... and then THESE! Knowing you and these kids your whole lives, seeing the chapters unfold is a quite an emotion. (I'm known for my abundance of emotions) and oh, I'm feeling all the feels. Great work of some very special subjects
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