The Cutest Kids! Benson Family

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I had the pleasure of meeting Laurin & her sister Alyssa along with their families at my Halloween Charity Event, the three kiddos are pretty darn cute so of course I was excited when they inquired about a family session!  It was a cool early December day at Schell's Brewery in New Ulm but they were all troopers (even the dogs!) and we have soo many adorable photographs from their session.  All the laughing and genuine smiles--Too cute not to share!   Thank you for sharing your memories with me Benson Family!  Merry Christmas!

Mankato MN Family photos_0001Mankato MN Family photos_0001 Mankato MN Family photos_0002Mankato MN Family photos_0002 Mankato MN Family photos_0005Mankato MN Family photos_0005 Mankato MN Family photos_0006Mankato MN Family photos_0006 Mankato MN Family photos_0007Mankato MN Family photos_0007 Mankato MN Family photos_0008Mankato MN Family photos_0008 Mankato MN Family photos_0010Mankato MN Family photos_0010 Mankato MN Family photos_0009Mankato MN Family photos_0009 Mankato MN Family photos_0011Mankato MN Family photos_0011 So much concentration here-- Look at that little tongue sticking out as he's thinking about it <3

Mankato MN Family photos_0012Mankato MN Family photos_0012 Mankato MN Family photos_0014Mankato MN Family photos_0014 Mankato MN Family photos_0013Mankato MN Family photos_0013 Mankato MN Family photos_0015Mankato MN Family photos_0015 Mankato MN Family photos_0016Mankato MN Family photos_0016 Mankato MN Family photos_0003Mankato MN Family photos_0003 Mankato MN Family photos_0004Mankato MN Family photos_0004 Mankato MN Family photos_0017Mankato MN Family photos_0017 Mankato MN Family photos_0018Mankato MN Family photos_0018 Mankato MN Family photos_0024Mankato MN Family photos_0024 Mankato MN Family photos_0019Mankato MN Family photos_0019 Mankato MN Family photos_0020Mankato MN Family photos_0020 Mankato MN Family photos_0021Mankato MN Family photos_0021 Mankato MN Family photos_0023Mankato MN Family photos_0023 Mankato MN Family photos_0022Mankato MN Family photos_0022 Mankato MN Family photos_0025Mankato MN Family photos_0025 Mankato MN Family photos_0043Mankato MN Family photos_0043 Mankato MN Family photos_0026Mankato MN Family photos_0026 Mankato MN Family photos_0045Mankato MN Family photos_0045 Mankato MN Family photos_0044Mankato MN Family photos_0044

Mankato MN Family photos_0028Mankato MN Family photos_0028 Mankato MN Family photos_0029Mankato MN Family photos_0029 Mankato MN Family photos_0027Mankato MN Family photos_0027 Mankato MN Family photos_0030Mankato MN Family photos_0030 Mankato MN Family photos_0031Mankato MN Family photos_0031 Mankato MN Family photos_0032Mankato MN Family photos_0032 Mankato MN Family photos_0033Mankato MN Family photos_0033 Mankato MN Family photos_0034Mankato MN Family photos_0034 Mankato MN Family photos_0035Mankato MN Family photos_0035 Mankato MN Family photos_0036Mankato MN Family photos_0036 Mankato MN Family photos_0037Mankato MN Family photos_0037 Mankato MN Family photos_0038Mankato MN Family photos_0038 Mankato MN Family photos_0039Mankato MN Family photos_0039 Mankato MN Family photos_0040Mankato MN Family photos_0040 Mankato MN Family photos_0041Mankato MN Family photos_0041 Mankato MN Family photos_0042Mankato MN Family photos_0042

Emily & Lucas's Mankato Engagement Session

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How cute are these two!!?!?  It has been such a pleasure getting to know Lucas and Emily, they are absolutely perfect together!  The passion and drive they have for their relationship and their careers is hard to miss.  They were such troopers getting up early so we could capture the beautiful sunlight coming through those fall leaves!   Thanks for the awesome session Emily and Lucas -- Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0001Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0001

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0002Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0002 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0004Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0004 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0007Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0007 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0030Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0030 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0003Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0003

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0031Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0031 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0012Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0012 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0014Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0014 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0013Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0013 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0015Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0015 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0016Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0016 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0017Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0017 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0018Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0018 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0019Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0019 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0020Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0020 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0021Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0021

Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0022Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0022 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0024Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0024 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0025Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0025 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0026Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0026 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0027Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0027 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0028Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0028 Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0029Mankato MN Engagement Photos_0029