Becoming a Bride

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As I mentioned in my previous wedding blog post, there are so many moments throughout a wedding day that have such importance.  Once the hair and make up are done and the details are photographed, the getting ready begins!  To me this is another big moment as a bride. You've carefully selected your jewelry, shoes, garter, veil, and your beautiful gown and now it's finally time to put them all on for your wedding day.  Whether it's your mom, sister, or best friends helping you get ready, this is a special moment.  It's at this time I often see excitement, joy, a little nervousness, and the anticipation building.  I can remember like it was yesterday the moment my mom helped me get ready for my wedding.  She zipped up lace gown, helped get my jewelry and shoes on as I was so excited to see my groom.  It's a moment and a feeling you can't get back as you are getting ready and becoming a bride.  Once things are in place, the final makeup touches are done and the bride is ready, it's time for the bridal portraits.  This is the perfect time to photograph the bride alone.  Your hair and make up are perfect, the flowers are fresh and every girl deserves a beautiful portrait of herself the morning of her wedding day!  I could spend hours photographing just the bride alone but if you know me, I don't like getting too far behind on our schedule either so we head over to the groom for his getting ready photos next.  I always tell my grooms, "don't worry, you are already dressed and I only need about 10 minutes for your photos, it'll be painless".  By this time the groom is just finishing putting on his cufflinks, tie, and jacket.  If at all possible I like to do the groom's portraits in the same location we did the bride's portraits so the lighting and backgrounds match--makes the wedding album flow.  Of course we take a few portraits of just our groom, getting his boutonnière pinned on and chat about his beautiful bride (the key to a great smile for any groom!).  

The actual feelings and emotions while getting dressed the morning of your wedding and becoming a bride is a big moment for so many girls.  It's something so many dream about for years~ Make sure your moment is photographed so you can remember this once in a lifetime feeling as it goes by so fast.  Enjoy some of my favorite getting ready photographs:

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Such a special moment as Mark and his son got ready for the wedding.  Carson was a big help getting his dad's belt on! Zenk073Zenk073


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