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Photographing a wedding day is one of my all time favorite things to photograph~ the love and joy that is present through the day! It’s always an honor to capture these important moments for my couples!  If you’ve been following along the last few weeks of blog posts, I’ve been telling the story of our wedding days and breaking down all those important moments that go by so very quickly.  So to continue from where we left off last time of “becoming a bride”, typically the next step of the day is the reveal!  By this time our bride is dressed, her beautiful gown and jewelry are on, hair and make up is complete, and the flowers are fresh.  It’s time for the big reveal, whether she’s revealing to her bridesmaids, to her father, her groom, or a combination, it’s an important moment! Enjoy a few of my favorite reveals!

If your bridesmaids haven’t helped you get ready it’s always fun to do a reveal to them!  Your sisters, cousins, closest girlfriends, your support system and those standing with you on your special day will love the chance to ohh and ahh over you!  There are often some shrieks of excitement and tears of joy!

Next up is typically the father of the bride! He has been there every step of the way since you were born.  You will always be his little girl and this is a huge day for him as well.  Give him that moment, to see his little girl all grown up as a beautiful bride.  I can guarantee it is a special moment he will not forget.

It’s finally time!  The grand reveal to your groom~ your heart is racing with excitement and anticipation!  We love to set up a private “first meeting” moment for the bride and groom to see each other, get the anxiety out of the way, and soak in the moment you’ve been planning for so long!  It’s a moment just for the bride and groom.  The big smiles and tearful eyes tell the story of your love, joy, and happiness!

These are such important moments that quickly become memories.  Be sure to plan for them to happen and have them photographed so you can cherish these memories and relive these moments!  You’ve waited your whole life for this day, remember it well!

January 26, 2017

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