Alison & Andy's Winthrop Wedding

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have been excited for Alison and Andy's wedding since the first time we talked about their wedding plans!  After we photographed their engagement session at Centennial Lakes Park (which was beautiful!) I got to know more about Alison, Andy and Alison's sister, Hannah.  Hannah is in her second year of photography school and intered with me this past summer and fall, so I would hear little bits here and there about their wedding details, plans and decor.  Their wedding day arrived and we started with the details (one of my favorite parts of the day!)  Alison had so many beautiful details I could have photographed them much longer but it was time to get on with the day and get our bride in her dress.  I love when mom's help get the bride dressed, one thing that will always be a wonderful moment and memory for both the bride and mother of the bride.  Alison was in her dress and just glowing - such a beautiful bride!  A few photos of her and then we were off to see her Dad, Mark, for the first time.  Alison had gifted him an engraved pocket watch that was just perfect!  As you can tell by the photos he knows just how to make her smile!  And then it was on to Andy, getting ready photos and finally time to see his bride!  Andy is a pretty quite guy but his reaction to Alison was perfect, they are the sweetest couple and perfect for each other!  Wedding party, family photos, onto the ceremony and celebration!  The love and joy these two share was overflowing and I cannot wait to see where the future takes them.  Congratulations Andy & Alison, it was such an honor to capture these wonderful moments for you both and your families, thank you for sharing your memories with me!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! Winthrop MN Wedding_0002Winthrop MN Wedding_0002 Winthrop MN Wedding_0001Winthrop MN Wedding_0001 Winthrop MN Wedding_0005Winthrop MN Wedding_0005 Winthrop MN Wedding_0004Winthrop MN Wedding_0004 Winthrop MN Wedding_0003Winthrop MN Wedding_0003 Winthrop MN Wedding_0007Winthrop MN Wedding_0007 Winthrop MN Wedding_0008Winthrop MN Wedding_0008 Winthrop MN Wedding_0009Winthrop MN Wedding_0009 Winthrop MN Wedding_0010Winthrop MN Wedding_0010 Winthrop MN Wedding_0011Winthrop MN Wedding_0011 Winthrop MN Wedding_0012Winthrop MN Wedding_0012

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