The Cutest Flower Girls & Ring Bearers! MN Wedding Photographer

March 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Involving kids in your wedding can be a big decision!  Having your niece, nephew, godchild, all dressed up on your wedding day with you adds another level of cuteness to your wedding party and can hold special meaning for the bride and groom.  Some kids are so excited to be just like the bride & groom, and then others don't want any part of it.  With the beautiful little dresses and handsome outfits they just can't get any cuter!  Throughout the wedding day, I always have a plan for photos, especially with the children, but knowing it may not go the way we plan, and that's totally fine.  We do our best to work around the kids and always get some candids.  I love seeing the little ones all dressed up in the wedding party but just keep in mind not to put too many expectations on them.  This is usually a whole new experience and environment for them with lots of action and unfamiliar people around.  Walking down that big aisle all by themselves can be a bit scary. This is a day of celebration, fun, laughter and joy for everyone involved!  Enjoy some of my favorite photos of these adorable little ones!



Flower Girl & Ring Bearer01Flower Girl & Ring Bearer01 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer11Flower Girl & Ring Bearer11 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer12Flower Girl & Ring Bearer12 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer13Flower Girl & Ring Bearer13 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer14Flower Girl & Ring Bearer14 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer15Flower Girl & Ring Bearer15 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer05Flower Girl & Ring Bearer05 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer04Flower Girl & Ring Bearer04 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer03Flower Girl & Ring Bearer03 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer06Flower Girl & Ring Bearer06 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer07Flower Girl & Ring Bearer07 Flower Girl & Ring Bearer08Flower Girl & Ring Bearer08



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