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The past couple months I’ve been sharing all the wonderful moments that commonly occur while photographing a couple’s wedding day. We are just about half way through the day, after the wedding party photos are complete it’s time for the family formals.

Family portraits are one of the most traditional things that happen during any wedding and one of the most important!  Documenting those people most important to the bride and groom.  If you didn’t know I am a planner, I like to be prepared and have a plan in place before the start of any wedding day.  I like to know what’s happening when so we are sure not to miss anything.  A few weeks before the wedding date is a great time to sit down and go over all those details.  My couple and I form their custom wedding day timeline and go over all the family groupings that are important to them.  When the wedding day arrives, we have a plan in place and I am sure not to miss any of those groupings.  The hustle and bustle of a joyful wedding day can go by oh so fast and in my opinion these are some of the most important portraits of the day.  What photos do mom, dad, and the grandparents put on their walls?  What photos are made into Christmas cards and proudly shared with friends and family?  Of course photos of the bride and groom are high priority but the family photos also come with a high value.

If you’ve followed along with my blog posts I revealed awhile ago my why, my real reason and passion behind becoming a photographer- it comes down to how will you remember?  My Grandma was my person on so many levels, the photos I have with her bring back so many wonderful memories.  She passed away before my wedding but I would have loved to have a portrait with her on my wedding day.  I treasure the portraits I have with my parents and family from my wedding day and am glad our photographer understood how important those photos were to my husband and I.

How will you remember?  Not just document who was present at your wedding day but celebrate those you love, those who are so close to you and mean the most.

Make sure to make the time for family portraits, build it into your wedding day schedule.  If you don’t hire me please hire a professional photographer that values your priorities and knows what they are doing.  Give your parents and grandparents beautiful portraits from your wedding they can proudly share, and portraits you can one day share with your children and grandchildren!

March 29, 2017

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