Bring on the Wedding Party!

Your wedding party is your closest family and friends.  No matter how big or how small of a wedding party you choose they are your go-to people.  I love hearing the stories of our bridesmaids and groomsmen, some have known our bride and groom since they were born, others for just a short time.  It’s an honor and a privilege for anyone to be asked to be in a couple’s wedding party, and these are the people you’ll always remember standing with you on this day.  After selecting the perfect wedding colors, dresses that flatter all your girls, beautiful bouquets to match, and tuxes or suits that fit all your guys, of course, we’ll want to spend a good chunk of time photographing you and these special people.  We’ll photograph the whole party, just the girls, just the guys, and all the other fun combinations.  It’s always a great time and many laughs to go around!  Enjoy a few of my favorite wedding party portraits!

February 17, 2017

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