My Jaylin is THREE!

Where, oh where has my baby gone?  Everyone says “it goes fast” and yes, some days are looong but these last three years have just flown by!  This dessert loving girl is fiercely independent, loves to sing, swing, play with her babies, and is so full of love and silliness.  Our bedtime snuggles with twenty hugs & kisses (we literally count them out all in a row 😆, why 20? I have no idea…) but they are exactly what I need at the end of the day.  She is so curious about everything and LOVES to talk – about anything and everything!  Although she can be a bit intense she is absolutely perfect and I thank God everyday for allowing me to be her mother.  Enjoy a few of my favorite photographs of my big girl singing, playing, and dancing in the flower gardens.  Don’t miss her actions to the “Monkey in the tree” song 🤣.  Happy 3rd Birthday to my brown- eyed beauty!

September 17, 2021

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