Radloff Boys a.k.a. Rockstars!

August and Caleb were in the studio just the other week, these two are always a hoot and this year they were full on rockstars! Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since I’ve seen the Radloffs, last year Caleb was my first session in the new studio here in Eagle Lake and this year August was able to join us on his spring break.  When their mom, Diane, mentioned one of their outfits would be Queen and ACDC I knew we needed to break out some guitars, drums, and sunglasses to complete the look! I’ve had the honor of knowing the Radloffs and photographing them since August was 2, it’s always a toss up on who laughs more and who tells the better jokes, although I think Caleb won me out this year on the jokes.  Thank you Radloff Family for being such great clients and sharing your memories with me.  Caleb and August; keep being the rockstars that you are, I hope you never lose your craft at telling jokes and laughs between the two of you!

April 10, 2018

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