The Most Important Portraits of the Day!

January 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm so excited for this week's blog post!  Continuing the theme of our wedding day process this week I'm highlighting the dedicated time for portraits of just the Bride & Groom!  If you are already married you know even tho it's your wedding day there are very few moments throughout the day you spend with your bride/groom.  There is so much hustle and bustle going on, your closest friends and family surrounding you all partaking in your celebration, which is wonderful, but you really don't have an opportunity to spend a few moments with just your soon-to-be spouse.  You've been preparing for this day for months and will very soon be committing yourselves to one another during your ceremony.  I feel it is so important to take some time to yourselves during your wedding day and get some portraits of just the two of you.  After all, it is your wedding day and these are the most important portraits of the whole day!  We will already have a plan in place for our location.  I'll do all the posing and directing so you can simply snuggle in, love on each other, and soak in these few moments of just being the two of you (which you are already so great at doing) before you take that walk down the isle.  Enjoy some of my favorite Bride & Groom portraits! 


Wedding Photos_0009Wedding Photos_0009

Wedding Photos_0012Wedding Photos_0012

Wedding Photos_0011Wedding Photos_0011 Wedding Photos_0017Wedding Photos_0017 Wedding Photos_0018Wedding Photos_0018 Wedding Photos_0007Wedding Photos_0007

Wedding Photos_0014Wedding Photos_0014

Wedding Photos_0008Wedding Photos_0008 Wedding Photos_0015Wedding Photos_0015

Wedding Photos_0013Wedding Photos_0013

Wedding Photos_0010Wedding Photos_0010


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