Daddy’s Home!

The month of June is all about Dad’s!  Jaylin is 8 months and when my husband gets home from work she lights up, it doesn’t fail, when he walks in the door and she sees him, she gets sooo excited!  She smiles from ear to ear, her little body starts bouncing, she flaps her arms and sometimes lets out a squeal.  She loves her daddy!  It is such a warm feeling to watch the relationship between your child and their father blossom.  I know this is one of those little moments, it won’t be like this forever and someday she won’t get as excited when he comes home.

To all the dad’s; what is that moment with your child(ren) in the present day?  Is it when you are fishing?  Dirt biking?  Building forts or playing with legos?  Maybe it’s a simple game of catch you plan every weekend.  I’d be honored to capture your favorite thing to do with your children at this stage.  The present day will soon become the past and someday when the kids are grown or your own father is gone you will have that portrait to look back and remember these memories and the special bond you shared.  Call or email to set up your session yet this month and an early happy father’s day to all the dad’s!

June 6, 2019

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