The Moment that Changes Everything

Following along on the story of a full wedding day, the time has finally come!  All our pre-ceremony photos are done and it’s time for the wedding ceremony to begin!  While we are packing up our lighting equipment from taking the family formal portraits our bride and groom are taking a few minutes to themselves, grabbing a quick bite to eat, retouching makeup and collecting their thoughts before the biggest moment of their lives happens.  There are so many reasons I always have a second photographer with me on a wedding day and the ceremony is a great example of this.  Typically I am in the front of the church photographing the grandparents, groom’s parents and bride’s mom being escorted to their seats, the wedding party walking in and then the bride and her father.  Here’s the moment our bride and groom have been waiting for.  While I’m in the front of the church my second photographer is in the back of the church capturing those beautiful moments right before the bride and her father make their final glances at each other, the last time he will escort his daughter as a single women.  In this very short time there are so many things that happen, so much changes.  The love of your life watching as your father escorts you down the aisle.  These brief moments are packed full of emotion — as a bride and groom it may seem like a blur but you will want to relive these moments.  Photographs give you that ability.  As the ceremony begins I sneak around to the back of the church where our second photographer and I can focus on two different angles of the church or ceremony site.  Throughout your ceremony we capture all those moments, the sermon, soloists, exchanging of the rings, blessing, lighting of your unity candle or pouring of sand, and your first kiss as husband and wife!  The smiles I see and capture as the bride and groom walk out of the ceremony are priceless.  After all the hugging and greeting of parents, family, and friends, the wedding license is signed and it is official.

So much changes in such a short amount of time.  Don’t miss the opportunity to relive these emotions and moments through photographs.  Hire a professional photographer that knows just where to be at each moment to tell your story.

April 4, 2017

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