My Girl

The last few minutes of the “golden hour” was upon us as we pulled in the driveway.  I hurried to get Jaylin out of the carseat and into the house.  Quickly taking shoes off and changing her clothes (if you have, had, or know a toddler, you know there is nothing quick about taking shoes off and changing clothes).  I grabbed a camera and rushed her out into the garage lifting her into the wagon.  There is a beautiful area of land just down the road from us, the little white flowers were still blooming and the green weeds were starting to turn brown – the perfect place for a few sunset photos.  Jaylin is an independent and determined child but also has very compassionate and loving heart.  Don’t miss some of our last photos that evening, she decided the puff weeds needed a little lovin’ and gave them a hug good night. 😆 ❤️

Moments like these are some of my favorites.  Enjoy a few photos of my (not so little) girl playing in the field.


November 12, 2020

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