Peshak Family, Mason City, IA

I am blessed to call these 5 family and had so much fun at their fall portrait session.  Owen and Eli have such a brotherly connection as I’ve heard many times they are best friends and Lily is this sweet, spunky little girl who her brothers adore…most of the time 😉

My top favorite moments from their session:

  1. Lily’s attempt to throw leaves on the boys…which turned into a family leaf fight. That smile as she turned to run after throwing the leaves is priceless!
  2. The kids running to tickle their mom and dad
  3. Lily collecting rocks and the sweet giggles when her daddy was tickling her
  4. The boys hugging at the end of their session
  5. The laughter and love this family shares


Listening to children giggle and documenting family connections is truly the best job!  Thank you Peshak Family for sharing these memories with me <3

November 10, 2020

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